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“[Chris'] technical skills combined with creative thinking are a huge asset to Edgenuity.”

- Charlie Potter

“Chris is a very organized and natural leader.”

- Charlie Potter

“Chris works well with internal teams to brainstorm interactive concepts and help them realize their ideas.”

- Daniel Milowski

“Always so delightful to work with.”

- Jodi Harmon

“I got some great 'head nods' at the new Program Assessments report – so, shout out to Chris Andert. :)”

- Deborah Rayow

“A unicorn in the field of design, a very charismatic communicator and a natural artist. Chris is a very enjoyable person to work with.”

- Erick Lopez

“I appreciate Chris's willingness to do what is needed and commitment to perfection.”

- Stephanie Culton

“[Chris has provided] graphic design work that has helped our company to grow substantially over the last eight years. He is very creative and has excellent input on the various projects we have worked together on. He puts a great deal of care into his work and it shows in every project!”

- Travis Jack